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Introduction Dear Customer, For over 90 years the production of high tensile shackles has been our core business and competence. Dirk van Beest founded the Van Beest company in 1922, initially as a supplier of iron works to the dredging industry, which was strongly developed in the Sliedrecht area. From the very beginning, the company has been forging shackles. Its ironwork expertise gave the Van Beest shackle an edge over the competition and this was the start of a network of professional users that now stretches across the globe. In 2007 Van Beest acquired Excel ® . Under this brand grade 8 and grade 10 lifting chain accessories are produced in our French factory. The designs and quality standards of our products are the result of requirements put forward over the years by our customers in markets throughout the world. Our shackles are branded Green Pin ® , our chain fittings Excel ® , we are the sole proprietors of these two brands. Production At Van Beest we were faced with a labour-intensive production unit. Over the years Van Beest invested, with its own engineers, in the development of production lines of high quality output. The highly automated machines in our two factories are custom built to Van Beest’s requirements and thus to those of our customers. The same technicians demand the quality of the products during production and therefore guarantee quality to our customers. Each individual Green Pin ® shackle or Excel ® hook is marked with the steel grade and a traceability code. But quality is not only a matter of the product itself, it stretches across the entire organization. Since 1993 our company has been ISO certified by Lloyds; currently we are ISO 9001-2008 certified. Accessories Our products are used by professionals in many different environments such as the offshore industry, naval construction, the fishing industry, mining, and general industry, to mention just a few. The Green Pin ® shackle or Excel ® hook is usually the final connection, and to serve our customers best, we have added a wide range of other steel wire rope and chain accessories which complement our full range of high quality products. These accessories are engineered by Van Beest and carefully sourced from certified suppliers to ensure they represent the same high quality performance as our own products. Distribution Both our Green Pin ® shackles and Excel ® hooks are inspected and stored at our main warehouse in Sliedrecht, 30 km from Rotterdam, where we offer our wide range of products from stock. Rotterdam is the main seaport to Europe inbound and has sailing connections to all the major business centres across the world outbound. Storage efficiency is optimized by the latest computer software, enabling us to make maximum use of our storage facilities. A customer order can be shipped from our warehouse within 4 hours from placing the order. Additionally, wholesalers throughout the world maintain stocks of our Green Pin ® shackles and Excel ® hooks in order to serve their own target markets best. In over 80 countries worldwide Green Pin ® shackles and Excel ® hooks are available from storage at our various distributors. We will be pleased to advise you of the Green Pin ® or Excel ® supplier nearest to you to obtain supplies. We trust this catalogue will be a helpful business tool for you and that it will assist you in serving your customers’ needs. In addition, our skilled salespeople and technicians are always at your service. Please do not hesitate to contact us for any question related to shackles, hooks or other wire rope and chain accessories in general. We are convinced that with the full range of our products and services you have found an excellent source that enables you to meet your needs in the global marketplace. Kind regards, C. Boer R.M. Meer Managing Director Vice President Sales P.S.: For general business terms and conditions see page 174 P.O. Box 57, 3360 AB Sliedrecht Industrieweg 6, 3361 HJ Sliedrecht The Netherlands Telephone : +31 184 41 33 00 Fax : +31 184 41 49 59 E-mail : sales@vanbeest.nl Website : www.vanbeest.nl Member of Van Beest International Van Beest B.V., manufacturer and supplier of wire rope and chain fitings. Registered trade marks ‘Green Pin’ and ‘Excel’ . Member of Van Beest International. Rabobank: account No. 35 93 43 155, IBAN code : NL86RABO0359343155, SWIFT/BIC code : RABONL2U. VAT No. NL0091.33.835.B01. Chamber of Commerce Rotterdam - No. 23009317. All our offers and contracts are subject to our General Conditions of Sale as registered with the District Court in Dordrecht on March 12, 2012 under number AL 5/2012.